About Crowface  

My whole live I have been interested in Indians; first only their history, then their way of living and finally by the inside, the spirituality.

My business live is very logical, being responsible for E-Business projects within the company Huntsman.

When I became 50, I decided to develop more my intuition, feelings and creativity. A course 'shamanism' was the push in the back I needed to really start to develop my creativity.



I started to paint and started working more with my hands instead of my head.

Very restful and also welcomed in my business live, where creativity is the “taste-maker” in the re-engineering of all logical business processes.


My house is currently looking like an art gallery and my wife Sylvia and children Bonny & Kelly are complaining and recommending me to start selling some of my works.

I was an old disk-jockey in the past and collector of LP records so I also decided to use old LP’s as the body and carrier of lot of paintings or background for Indian art pieces.

An Indian name "came to me" in one of my spiritual travels and I am signing my art work now as Crowface.

I hope you like what I am doing and any reaction or interest in my work is welcomed via my email address crowface@crowface.nl .